My Bio

John Wallace aka DJ Min8man first fell in love with mixing vinyl records at the young age of 10 years old with his church sound system that was stored at his house along with two technics 1200 turntables and a Radio Shack Mixer.  At that age he would often times crank the system full tilt and climb inside the Klipsch Corner horn speaker cabinets and feel the bass rattle his bones.  It was the bass that caught his attention and continued his pursuit into car audio at a young age and studied the Physics of Hi-Fi at the University of Utah.  From there he became an MECP Certified car audio and electronics installer building custom car audio systems in competition cars, motorcycles, boats, and trucks.  Around 1994 he purchased a set of Technics 1200 Turntables of his own and began to collect vinyl records and learning to beat match by ear. Currently in his collection are over 1600 vinyl records from the early 90’s to mid 2000’s. His earliest mentors were Brandon Jenkins, Chris Bersick, Matt McDuffy, Luke Youngblood, Brian Morrill, and many others of the early Utah Rave scene. As an early pioneer of that scene many of the rave parties, house parties, after parties, and club events were thrown with his involvement. In 2013 as the digital age of DJ controllers developed he made the transition to the Traktor S2, then the Pioneer DDJ-SX, Pioneer DDJ-SZ, Pioneer DDJ-REV7, and ultimately ended up on the industry standard CDJ-3000s.  His favorite setup is still using the Pioneer DJM-S11 Battle Mixer with Serato Control Vinyl to give the ultimate of both worlds.  In 2023 he founded VIP X Events and co founded Salt City Audio LLC a gear rental company that features industry standard backlines for world class DJs.